Responsibility & Sustainability

Our commitment to our customers and the planet

Our Commitment

At EMCHI, we believe that taking action is the best way to achieve results. We've made a commitment to our customers and the planet to ensure we responsibly conduct business and support ongoing initiatives for the protection of our planet and natural resources, while consistently delivering the highest caliber of dip powder, nail tools, and accessories.

1. Sustainable & Recyclable Packaging

Throughout the past year, we've been working with our suppliers to update and source more sustainable packaging, while continuing to deliver the premium brand experience you expect. This includes smaller, more economical packaging materials, reducing unnecessary paper products, and reducing or completely eliminating wasteful practices throughout our supply chain, fulfillment processes, and corporate businesses.

You may have noticed a change to smaller box sizes or padded envelopes, or even the reduction of additional paper inserts within your shipment. These changes have been made based on research, testing, and input from customers, suppliers, and environmental experts to help us fulfill orders will fewer emissions, less waste, and more sustainable materials.

Since inception, the majority of our products and packaging have been designed to be reused or recycled. We are continuing to find and develop new ways to safely deliver your items, with the most minimal and sustainable approaches. You can expect to continually see changes in the way we package, ship, and deliver our products, without compromising on quality, in the future.

2. Carbon-Neutral Shipping

Beginning September 2021, we're furthering our commitment to protecting the environment by offsetting the carbon emissions produced during shipment for all online orders. For all orders placed on, we will purchase the equivalent carbon offsets, based on each shipment's distance and estimated carbon emissions, contributing towards the protection of forests and forest conservation throughout the world.

Previously, carbon emissions were only offset for purchases completed using Shop Pay®, however we recognized that this wasn't enough. Going forward, all shipments, regardless of their destination or payment method will be offset.

3. Reducing Internal Waste & Streamlining Operations

Behind-the-scenes, we are working to foster a better EMCHI for the future. This includes many updates and changes that customers might never notice.

We've worked to minimize and consolidate inefficiencies within our supply chain, including utilizing more responsible sourcing methods, partnering with suppliers that earned ISO certifications for best business practices, and focusing on a digital-first approach within our corporate offices and distribution facilities.

We're committed to continually improving, innovating and advancing, for good.

Our commitment does not end with the things we have already accomplished, but rather is an ongoing commitment to continually improve wherever we can - for the greater good, protection of our planet, and holding ourselves responsible for the actions of our organization.

When you shop with EMCHI, you're becoming part of, and supporting, an ecosystem that is working daily to do right. Even as a family-owned and operated organization, we are dedicated to consistently delivering the highest caliber of nail products without compromising our obligations to our customers, suppliers and the planet.

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