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Our mission is to create impeccable nail products, enable a luxury experience for every client, and help your business meet its goals.

Discover the Program:

Salon Systems

Expand or introduce in-salon services with Dip Powder treatments, elevated manicures, and improved customer experience with complete salon systems, free marketing materials, and more.

Wholesale & Retail

Shop our entire catalog of professional nail products, accessories, and equipment with exclusive business pricing and retail-ready kits to enable new lines of business at your salon or retail location.

Dedicated Service

Running your business should always be your first priority - that's why we offer dedicated service exclusively for our Professional customers. Additionally, you'll get access to invitations to demo events, trade shows, and more.

Have Questions?

Apply online and provide any requested documentation to verify your business/professional status, and we'll be in touch within 24-72 hours with a decision.

Professional Members can enjoy special pricing, free marketing materials, educational resources, access to exclusive products, invitations to demos and events, a free business listing on the salon network, and so much more.

Best of all, there's no cost to join, no obligation to order, and no membership fees.

Yes, there's no cost to join, no membership fees, and no obligation to order.

You'll get full access to all the program's benefits when you first enroll and will only pay for products you decide to purchase.

EMCHI Professional is open to all Licensed Nail Technicians, Salon Owners, Retailers, and Distributors.

To join, you'll need to provide a copy of either: (a) your state-issued nail technician or cosmetology license, or (b) a copy of your state-issued business license.

Optionally, you may provide a copy of your business' state-issued resale/tax-exempt certificate if you wish to purchase tax-exempt for resale.

Once you submit your application, we'll notify you within 24-72 hours with a decision.

Please keep in mind, this is only an estimated time and some applications may require additional review to verify your business details.

If you're not already a member of EMCHI Professional, simply tell us how many locations you're operating during the application process, and we'll make sure you can enable ordering for all your locations.

If you're an existing EMCHI Professional member, please contact your Membership Advisor to manage your authorized business locations.

Our program is designed to ensure all members have access to the best pricing for their business upfront, without any need to qualify for volume discounts. This means you'll always receive the best price without needing to reach a minimum spend.

For exisiting members, you can always contact your Membership Advisor if your business needs have changed.

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All Licensed Nail Technicians, Salon Owners, Distributors and Retailers are invited to join for free: